Woodland Heights

Assisted Living Residence, Tigard, OR


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is Transportation included in the rent?
  2. What types of apartments do you have?
  3. What is your deficiency rating with the State of Oregon?
  4. What is the turn-over rate with your employees?
  5. What is the average age of your residents?
  6. Is the Woodland Heights Assisted Living Residence a family-owned operation?

Answer 1:

There is no aditional charge for transportation to doctor appointments or avtivities. We do have a lift bus for wheelchairs. 

Answer 2:

Apartments range in size. We offer Studio, one bedroom, One Bedroom Suite that has a bonus room, and even have some apartments with balconies.

Answer 3:

We have been 'deficiency free' on our state survey for over 4 years.

Answer 4:

Over 50% of our employees have been here for more than 5 years.

Answer 5:

The average age of our resident is mid to late 80's.

Answer 6:

The Woodland Heights community has been family-owned from the beginning.


"I came out of the hospital too weak to care for myself at home. Woodland Heights was the perfect place to regain my strength and health. The one-bedroom unit was spacious, the facility beautiful and the staff caring and gracious. The good food and family-like atmosphere made it a warm and comfortable place to regain my health so I could return home. I would recommend Woodland Heights to anyone needing respite or long-term care."
Sue Mowery

Reviews on www.caring.com

AUGUST 22, 2017
5 stars By Patricia
I visited Woodland Heights and found it was very clean. The staff was very nice, thorough, and they cared for the residents. The food was delicious. I saw some of the rooms, they're full, it was pleasant to look out of any window, and they have trees.

MAY 11, 2016
5 stars By NancyGNAFW
I am very happy with Woodland Heights. It was a family owned community and the location was well suited to my friend. The staff and the cleanliness were excellent. The room is lovely and the food I think is very good.

DECEMBER 30, 2015
4 stars By Susan03
I am a friend or relative of a resident
Friendly, warm feel to the place. Caring staff that take good care of the residents.

AUGUST 21, 2015
4 stars By Anonymous106384550
I am a friend or relative of a resident.
The care has been great at Woodland Heights. We have had no problems. My dad really appreciates it. He says everybody does a good job, and he feels really well cared for. It is comfortable. There is nothing really special about the appearance, but the thing about it is that people have worked there for years, so you do not have that high turnover of staff. Everything is clean.

Reviews on google.com

Ellen Davis
5 stars
Jan 2018
I want to share my good experience with Woodland Heights. My mother was recently in rehab recovering from a stroke and couldn't go back home. She needed to be in assisted living. We chose Woodland Heights because of the atmosphere and the staff. It is a smaller community that feels warm and inviting. The staff have been nothing but friendly even though my mom can be a bit challenging. I feel comfortable with her being there and do not have to worry about her safety. From the first tour we felt that Woodland Heights would be a good place for mom.

Don Johnson
5 stars
Jan 2018
Where to start. Pulling up to this place is pleasant on the eyes- speaking of the pleasant- we were greeted upon entering by this refreshing tall glass of water Katie. I was sold on the place after seeing that astounding beauty’s welcoming smile- not to mention the caboose of hers. We were shown around by the helpful staff. Diana was very happy cheerful and knowledgeable. The rooms are spacious and clean. I didn’t want to go home. A resident Bill looked like he had a good grip on the “ins and outs” of the facility and was awesome to shoot the breeze with. Dining Room is better than most resurants I’ve had to make reservations. Food was delectable and piping hot. This place gets it. Unfortunately my mother wanted to be closer to an Applebee’s so went another option. That being said- if Applebee’s isn’t a major part of your seniors Existence- I highly recommend checking out this place and that caboose I mention previously.
Everyone’s Favorite D

Reviews on www.ourparents.com

03/27/2013 - An OurParents User Writes:
This is a great place if loved one is not really needing too much care and doesn't really have strong dietary needs. They are usually mostly full but can fluctuate a lot.
Very clean place and super kind nice care givers but they have to do so much they really can't possibly respond every time immediately or be able to do what task is needed without a return and/or a wait time- especially at night. They recently have tried to implement menu type food service but it is difficult with older chef's habits and training to innovate. A long time employee is a great client care coordinator who really works with people to try to make them happy. If you can afford to bring in independent extra care givers it would do for a more intensive stay but really it is set up more for a pretty basic level of assisted care overall.

Reviews on www.yelp.com
Judy C.
Lake Oswego, OR
4.0 star rating 3/3/2013
Woodland Heights Assisted Living is a wonderful place for Seniors to live. My father was there for 6 months before his decline. The staff is very attentive. The facility is very clean and warm. The grounds are lovely. The food is great. We loved Woodland Heights because there is a "homey" feel. it is not a huge facility so the residents get personal care and they are known by the staff. If you have any concerns, the staff is right there to help. Family is very much welcomed. Elaine, their Community Relations Facilitator is delightful to work with!

Reviews on www.goldenreviews.com
Rating: 5.0
Woodland Heights is a great community! Residents in Tigard do not have many choices when it comes to senior living communities so the residents and families who found Woodland Heights are always telling me that they thank their lucky stars that Woodland Heights is such a fantastic community. The staff is amazing and really go above and beyond in providing each resident with very best of care. read more
Natalie April 26, 2013